Dr Gill Brown is a former geophysicist, now graphic designer and illustrator, based in London and working in the field of scientific visual communication. In 2019, Gill was awarded a PhD in graphic design from University of the Arts London. She is now putting that research into practice in the following ways:

1. As a freelance graphic designer and illustrator

Gill specialises in working with scientists to create beautiful and effective conceptual figures, for use in papers, posters and presentations – see the Project Portfolio webpage for examples of her graphic design and illustration work.

As well as producing the final figure, Gill also provides a set of visual elements that make up that figure. These elements can then be edited and adapted by the scientists themselves, to create a whole range of figures for future use. For more details on Gill’s specialised approach to creating scientific figures, see this webpage.

2. As a teacher and trainer

Gill provides teaching sessions and workshops for:

  • Scientists – covering good graphic design practice for scientific visual communication, plus hands-on workshops on the creation of editable and adaptable figures.
  • Graphic designers – covering the use of graphic design practice in research and the application of graphic design in scientific fields.

For more details about Gill’s teaching, and to find out if her sessions and workshops may be useful for your institution or company, see the Teaching & Workshops webpage.

3. As a graphic design researcher

As part of her PhD research, Gill collaborated with the Centre for Neuroimaging Sciences at King’s College London. She is continuing to work with the CNS, expanding her research to encompass visual communication with non-scientists, as well as peer-to-peer scientific communication. See the Research Blog webpage for posts describing her research work.

Gill’s collaborative work with KCL in general, and with the CNS in particular, is documented on a dedicated website, Neuroscience & Graphic Design. There are @neurographical Instagram and Twitter feeds associated with the website.

To get in touch with Gill, email her directly at gill@graphical-science.com

You’ll also find Gill on LinkedIn and ResearchGate, and you can download her business card as a pdf file below:

You can see Gill’s complete CV on this webpage, or download a 2-page pdf file below:

January 2022