Gill Brown is a graphic design researcher, with a particular interest in scientific visual communication. As a former geophysicist, with many years of experience in both scientific research and commercial application, Gill has extensive knowledge of scientific figures and the conventions and strictures that often apply to their production. She is passionate about helping scientists to create beautiful and effective figures that can easily be adapted and edited by the scientists themselves.

In January 2020, Gill was awarded a practice-based PhD in graphic design by London College of Communication (University of the Arts London). As part of her PhD, and now as on-going research, Gill is collaborating with the Centre for Neuroimaging Sciences at King’s College London. That collaboration is documented on a dedicated website, Neuroscience & Graphic Design, with additional writing on the Research page of this website.

Gill is also available for freelance graphic design and illustration work. She specialises in working collaboratively with scientists, with the aim of providing a visual communication solution, not just a one-off figure. Examples of her work can be seen on the Portfolio page of this website. Please contact her via gill@graphical-science.com for more details.


April 2020