Dr Gill Brown is a former geophysicist, now graphic designer and illustrator, based in London and working in the field of scientific visual communication. In 2019, Gill was awarded a PhD from University of the Arts London, investigating scientific conceptual figures through graphic design practice. She is now using her research in the following ways:

  • Graphic design workshops – created specifically to help scientists improve their visual communication. The workshops cover the basics of good graphic design practice and provide hands-on experience of creating editable, adaptable figures.
  • Freelance graphic design and illustration – helping scientists to create beautiful and effective figures and graphical abstracts, that can then be adapted for use in papers, presentations and more.
  • Ongoing research – writing and presenting about practice-based research in the arts and the graphic design of scientific visual communication.

In 2017, as part of her PhD research, Gill began a collaboration with members of the Centre for Neuroimaging Sciences, at King’s College London. That collaboration is ongoing and is documented in full on a dedicated website, Neuroscience & Graphic Design.

To get in touch with Gill, email her directly at:


RECENT NEWS & UPcoming Events

Throughout March 2023, Gill will be running another series of graphic design workshops for research scientists at KCL Health Faculties, covering both the basics of good graphic design practice and the use of Adobe Illustrator to create editable and adaptable figures. Gill is also working with members of the Health Sciences Doctoral Training Centre at KCL to revise and update the online training materials associated with the graphic design workshops.

More details about the workshops Gill offers can be found on the Workshops page.

In February 2023, Gill gave a talk to undergraduate students of the UCL Neuroscience Society, discussing her research in scientific visual communication and how she put that research into practice during her collaborative work with neuroscientists at King’s.

The final proof of the Pattern and Chaos: making and meaning anthology, compiled by staff of Norwich University of the Arts, has been approved and publication is confirmed for later in 2023. Gill’s contribution to this anthology is an article, Simplifying Complexity: the visual language of neuroscience, and the illustrations she created to accompany it can be seen on this page of her portfolio. More details will be given nearer the publication date.


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