Creating figures for a neuroscience review paper

Gill worked with a neuroscientist at King’s College London to create figures for use in a neuroscience review paper. Two anatomical illustrations, one of a whole brain and the other of a sagittal section, were used to highlight areas of the human brain. They were then combined with illustrations of bar charts (also drawn by Gill), text and annotation to create two conceptual figures. An additional data figure was created, combining several bar charts. As well as supplying the complete figures, Gill also provided the neuroscientist with the individual illustrations of the anatomical brains and of each of the bar charts., for future use in presentations, etc.

One of the conceptual figures was subsequently published in an article in April 2021 in Neuroscience & Biobehavioural Review, together with data figures that highlighted individual bar charts. The complete article can be viewed and downloaded from here (subscription required).

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