Creating a visual identity for an environmental company

This project involved creating a visual identity for a company that provide farmers with an organic and sustainable method for controlling dock plants in their pasture. The company supplies farmers with live dock beetles (more details on the company website) and the visual identity was to show a stylised dock beetle eating a dock leaf.

The work started with an illustration of a dock beetle (1) on a dock leaf (2) taken from an existing scientific photograph, to get the correct colours and approximate body shape for the beetle. A revised dock leaf was drawn (3), based on a new reference photograph. The shape and style of the beetle was then modified (4 and 5) to better reflect the name of the company, The Green Submarine. The position of the leaf veins was edited to highlight the beetle and create space for text in the top left and bottom right of the image, so providing a potential company logo or letterhead (6).

Click / tap on any of the images to open the gallery.

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