PhD Student Show 2020

From 4th to 12th March 2020, London College of Communication presented Unfolding Narratives, the first work-in-progress show highlighting projects from PhD research students based at the college. The work exhibited spanned a wide range of disciplines, including sound arts, film, graphic design and photography.

All of the students involved in the show were asked about their research work, and their PhD experience at LCC, for the short video about the exhibition. It includes images of the work on show.

Images of the show catalogue are shown in the gallery below, followed by photographs of the opening of the show.

Photographs from the opening of the show

Gill was the only student exhibiting who had already submitted their PhD thesis, but she still regarded her research as a work-in-progress. The exhibit distilled over 3 years of research into four posters, shown below, accompanied by a short video (viewable below via Vimeo), that emphasised the importance of graphic design practice in her research (particularly the creation of adaptable visual elements) and the subsequent use of that practice by scientists.

A short video (no sound) that summarises some of the key aspects of the PhD research