Since completing her PhD in 2019, Gill interest in visual research, particularly when applied to scientific visual communication, has continued. This webpage provides more details of Gill’s work in this research area, with links to pages providing more details on topics of interest.

Gill has contributed an article, entitled Simplifying Complexity: the visual language of neuroscience, to a design anthology Pattern and Chaos: making and meaning. The anthology has been compiled by research staff at Norwich University of the Arts and, after a long gestation period, is scheduled to be published in Q3 of 2023 – more details will be added here in due course. The images that Gill created for inclusion in her article can be seen on this page of her portfolio.

In October 2021, on completion of the Patient Information Sheet project, an article entitled, Can visual illustrations transform the patient information sheet for PET/MR neuroimaging studies into engaging and interesting reading? was published in the journal Clinical and Translational Imaging as a Spotlight. The open access article was written by Dr Giovanna Nordio, with Gill as one of the co-authors, and can be downloaded from this link.

In October 2020, a reader of Gill’s collaboration website got in touch to ask some questions regarding her research work. The questions, and Gill’s responses to them, can be found on this webpage.

A key aspect of Gill’s collaborative graphic design work is the creation of adaptable visual elements that scientists can use in their figures. On this webpage Gill describes in more detail exactly how these adaptable elements are created. Examples of these elements can also be seen on this page of Gill’s portfolio.

In January 2019, Gill attended an event held at the Design Museum in London, entitled Industry Insights: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Design. Gill’s thoughts on the event, and how it related to her own experience of multidisciplinary practice, can be found on this webpage.